We assume the responsibility of regularly monitoring the market and your retirement plan positions and options, analyzing changes in risk levels and making or recommending changes when it’s appropriate.  We provide easy-to-understand advice regarding the funds in your company retirement plan including the thousands of funds available through a Self-Directed Brokerage Account.

Our investment advice is personalized, and you have access to the investment decision-maker for your account.

Using technical analysis and current market and fund information, we select or recommend the strongest relative strength funds among the choices in your 401(k) menu or through a Self-Directed Account.

By considering your risk tolerance into consideration and the performance of the funds in your menu, we select or recommend the amount invested in each fund.

Using a top-down analytical approach, we recommend when to move to cash or stable-value positions in an effort to protect assets when market indicators turn negative, and move back into the market when the indicators are positive once again.