Investment Approach

 Capital 401(k) Advisory's approach to managing our client's retirement plan assets is far different from the generic pie-chart allocation and buy-and-hold recommendations so commonly established with employer retirement plans.  We believe your money should be invested according to your risk tolerance, using the best relative-strength funds available within your plan's investment menu or through your plan's Self-Directed Option, and according to market conditions.  Allocation changes are made as markets change and as fund performance change.  We partner with you - the retirement plan investor -  in order to help you make better investment decisions and regain control of your retirement plan investments.

We believe it is just as important - if not more important to preserve wealth than it is to accumulate wealth.  Therefore, we attempt to preserve wealth by raising cash in the early stages of a stock market decline.  We attempt to accumulate wealth by taking the cash we raised and reinvesting it in the best mutual funds in your retirement plan when the market indicators tell us the market is trend is positive.

Although our process for making investment decisions is well thought-out and structured, there will be times when an investment decision doesn't pan out as we had hoped.  Our investment strategy provides a game plan for when things go wrong.  We believe it’s OK to be wrong - it’s just not OK to stay wrong.  Letting the losers and laggards go, and letting the winners run can be an effective alternative to the buy-and-hold methodology.

Your plan statements will continue to be delivered to you as they are now - and at no time, do we have custody of your retirement plan assets.